In 1990, Tom Schweers and his family partnered with a feed and grain store here in Omaha to provide fencing for acreages. At first, they only installed wire and wood, but Tom soon saw a need to offer customers different types of materials.  He found that vinyl was a very attractive option to accent and dress up acreages, and was introduced to Country Estates vinyl, which was the highest quality vinyl available then and still is today!  As business began to increase for the vinyl fence, Tom and his family began routing the posts and rails by hand, using small templates and a hand shop-router.  In the following years, Tom and his family started installing residential fences and offering more products such as aluminum, decking, railing, pergolas, and much more! In 2000, Acreage Fences quit routing vinyl manually and started using a CNC router, which allowed them to offer many more styles and custom make each project.

Some of the reasons Acreage Fences has been successful for so many years is because of the quality of products and the true interest we have in satisfying our customers. We still hear from customers whose fences were installed in the ‘90’s and they are still thrilled with their fences today!