Acreage Fences is in Omaha, NE.  Our installation service area is within an hour radius.  Currently, our appointments for a free estimate are approximately 2 weeks out and installations are 6 to 7 months out, once we have a signed contract and down payment.  Acreage Fences wants to be very transparent with you regarding our timelines.  Please note these timelines are subject to change due to the continued supply chain disruptions, raw material shortages and labor issues.  We truly understand the frustration and inconvenience this situation is causing. 


If this timeline works for you, we would be most happy to earn your business.  Please contact the office at 402-571-0511 to schedule your estimate appointment since we are finding it difficult to reach out the in a timely manner due to the high volume of requests received. 


If you are interested in a wholesale quote, we are only able to sell to LOCAL contractors at this time due to extremely overwhelming demand for our high-quality materials.  We hope this will only be a temporary situation and plan to resume selling wholesale to the public once the supply chain disruptions and raw material shortages are no longer an issue.  Thank you for your understanding.